Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Who has more fun, us or the kids?

After another hearty eggs, fruit, juice, and coffee breakfast, we met to hear Katie’s message of the day reminding us that in the future we will remember the things we did, but not the things we didn’t do during our lives. Suzanne reminded us of the former days’ events, reminding us of our impact on the children of FUNDAC.

Somehow arriving at the center, the kids “holas” seemed louder and more fervent or maybe I was just more attuned after hearing their hungry cries from the day before prior to the bread coming. When Oscar arrived, we started on the wall shelves and completed three rooms, including repair of a metal shelving unit by removing it and pounding it back into a reasonably flat surface.

Katie, Tom, Maggie, Carlos, and Óscar 

During the day three officials from the Ministry of Social and Economic Inclusion visited the center and afterward the staff showed angst on their faces. Even as we left at the end of the day, several were huddled on the sidewalk conferring about what we later learned might be the loss of Sonia (a ministerial employee), all apparently because they believe the kitchen is too dangerous, using a gas stove in proximity to the children. Later Maggie informed us that the cooks might lose their jobs and the ministry would take over food delivery if they don’t create a separate kitchen area. It is notable to us from North America that no written report or request was delivered to FUNDAC regarding this safety issue. (It does occur to me that FUNDAC could recommend to the ministry that a new power line and electric stove would save them money in the long term by avoiding the expense of meal deliveries.)

Suzanne has been working with Tía Gaby to make cutouts each day and for the first time she was asked to make contents for the next day – really planning ahead and proving that cutups can make good cutouts!

Seija, working in Tía Ruby’s class, got involved in a lively song and dance routine, en español, of course. With Ruby’s singing and Seija’s “cuttin’ the rug”, I’m sure the kids were entertained.

Seija dancin' with three-year-olds!

Katie experienced a child hitting her, and after Tía Alexandra spoke to her, the child walked over to Katie and said “disculpa” and hugged her. At the end of the day, as kids were being picked up, Katie has enjoyed taking photos of several kids and sharing tickles back and forth with them. Do you ever wonder who has more fun, us or the kids?

Katie making hearts with her new buddies

In the kitchen Neal was promised a repeat of the delicious plantain dish they prepared for the kids called emborrajados. They also shared the recipe with him and since it merits publication, Olga’s recipe is as follows:

Harina blanca – 1 libra
Polvo para hornear – 1 cuchara pequeña
Mantequilla – 1 cuchara
Sal – 1 cuchara pequeña
Azúcar – 1 cuchara
Leche tibia – 1 taza
Plátanos maduros en tajadas

Batir todos los ingredientes menos los maduros y luego poner los maduros en la masa y poner a freír a fuego lento.

After another terrific Ecuadorian dinner of mahi-mahi, rice, radish and onion salad, and guánabana (soursop) juice, we retired to the second floor meeting room to plan and practice our thank you to FUNDAC. Neal and Suzanne went shopping for our team donations to FUNDAC and we thank them for their proactive work on this.

In one way or another we were all blessed today!  

Entry submitted by: Tom Horne

Message of the day – Katie Horne: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain 

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