Friday, February 13, 2009

As We Say Good-bye (for now) to Calderon

Message of the Day - Jennie Taylor
A child points out to you the direction and then you find your way.
(Kenyan Proverb)

We again received a warm welcome and this morning with many of the niños calling out our names. The morning went by quickly with each of us in our respective rooms - holding babies, coloring, teaching and learning vowels in Spanish, calming the sad ones, brushing teeth, and giving and receiving hugs. (The children are very affectionate.) Then the music began - we all danced. The Tías especially enjoyed this part of the day and almost every child was spinning around to the Latin beat.

Lunch was a real treat to watch - we learned very quickly that the kids don't like beets. The staff tries very hard to prepare balanced meals but four year olds have their way sometimes. There were piles of beets on the floor. Shortly before our lunch, we visited the home of Abel and Aidem and met their mother Anana and their sister Isabella. They are a poor family who live in a very small one bedroom apartment. It was quite an experience to connect with the family of two little boys we were all quite fond of. The balance of the afternoon was quiet time for all of us as the little ones slept. Before returning to the hotel we prepared crafts for the next days activities.

We have all gotten to know each other and many of the children... and it's sad to go. Julie has written a touching summary of our time spent with the little ones cared for by FUNDAC that I am sure we all agree with. "The last two weeks in Ecuador has been an incredible experience. I love children and I have always wanted to do something that would have an impact on the lives of less fortunate children. Working with the children of the two day care centers has been fun, challenging and very rewarding for me. I hope that I have given the children a feeling of being loved with my help, many hugs and lots of smiles. I pray that God will take care of these children."
- Ed Collins

Our team's contribution to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals: 290 hours of volunteer child care to 82 infants and pre-schoolers. We're proud to help improve children's welfare in Ecuador through Global Volunteers!