Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another day of receiving more than we gave

We are really starting to get into a routine each workday. We talk about our evening at breakfast and troop upstairs for our why we are here and journal reading. Neal's St. Francis of Assisi quote described how we often feel: accomplishing the impossible. How Katie was able to complete the journal last night surprises me since she was really sleepy at dinner.

You can definitely tell that school is out for summer. The trip to Calderón has only stoplight delays. Between lights we speed along the highway and seem to get to the center in what seems to be half the time it took last week.

The streets of Quito

The breakfast for the children was an awesome plantain "pancake." After breakfast was served, Neal came up to me to share an extra that they made in the kitchen. I had to share it, it was so big and delicious. I called it an apple fritter made with plantains - so, so good. I hope Neal's new cookbook has the recipe so that we can have them at home on special occasions. Move over Belgian waffles!

Seija, Katie, Neal, and I went about our regular class/kitchen activities. Tom was a work horse, getting bookshelves ready and installed (at least temporarily), figuring out where additional shelving is planned, putting a second coat of paint on classroom furniture (with Katie), and repairing high chairs that seemed to need a little of everything. The children in all classes except for Tía Gaby’s participated in the weekly activity of dancing/moving to all sorts of music. I understand that the volunteers really enjoyed this and gave many children some new "moves."

Neal still in his kitchen attire dancin' it up with the kids

For lunch, we started with corn on the cob and cheese instead of the traditional soup. We are really being treated special in the daily restaurant we walk to from the center.

Little ones waking up from their nap

Suzanne, Esteban, and Neal reading Curious George

The end of the day came by surprise, we were reading some books together with Esteban  when Maggie said it was time to go! We drove home more quickly again. Neal, Tom, and Katie went to the local music store in search of Andean instruments, Seija went for dinner at Maggie's Korean family's restaurant, and I am here in the second floor sitting room typing the journal entry.  

Another day of receiving more than I gave. I am grateful for this time in this beautiful country of Ecuador.

Entry submitted by: Suzanne Pierce

Message for the day – Neal Pierce: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”  – Francis of Assisi

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