Friday, February 25, 2011

UPDATE: Volunteer Opportunity Available April 9-16!

Calling all Global Volunteers!!!

The children of Calderon need you and with the help of a few dedicated volunteers, we have been able to save our April service program dates from APRIL 9 - 16. If you are able to volunteer for one week this spring, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators as soon as possible at 800-487-1074 to discuss joining this team!!

If you're curious what you'll be working on in Calderon, Ecuador (a suburb of Quito) please read on:

The spectacular ancient Andean culture, with its haunting music, expressive dance and vibrant dress, is matched only by the enchanting landscapes and hospitable people. In Ecuador, eleven distinct cultures weave harmoniously together to unite past and present.

As a Global Volunteer, you experience Ecuador through her children, their families and care-givers. Extreme poverty is the reality for the children you'll serve in the Quito area, but you can help improve opportunities in these young lives. Our service program enables you to provide direct, hands-on care for pre-schoolers through an amazing grassroots organization. No matter your background, your personal efforts improve these youngsters' well-being. What's more, through your service program fee, Global Volunteers is able to purchase materials directed to the children's imminent needs.

The daily needs of the economically impoverished children we serve in Calderon, Ecuador are simple, and you represent an important resource for education, recreation and basic social development. The childcare centers built and expanded through the assistance of Global Volunteers teams provides safe and stimulating environments for mothers to leave their children so they can provide a better future for their families.

Our Ecuadorian host partner needs your help in these areas:
Childcare - infants and pre-schoolers.
Construction - a new child care facility.
Physical labor - landscaping, painting and masonry.
English language skills - informal one-on-one teaching

Please call or e-mail us TODAY if you are interested in joining us this April. Your time and skills are needed in Calderon, so why wait?!?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Calling All Prospective Ecuador Volunteers!!!

"I have felt the stress that sat in my chest from my problems with my job and family loosen over the past week, and I have been reminded that I need to count my blessings. Edith (our team leader) told us this morning to recognize the times which we are happy, instead of always feeling that our happiness is in the future or incomplete. And to name those moments by simply saying 'I am happy.' Two weeks ago I would not have been able to say that, but right now, I think I can honestly say - 'I am happy.'” ~ Cara, Ecuador Team Journal August 2009

Come and treat yourself to those moments of happiness on our Global Volunteers service program in Ecuador beginning April 2, 2011 for one or two weeks. If you are looking for a spring getaway that will leave you feeling inspired, this may be for you.

Join our development partnership in the outskirts of Quito, helping a grassroots women's cooperative organization keep their Daycare center running, and make a difference to the children and families in this impoverished area. You will be amazed by the people and the beauty of Ecuador and will have an opportunity to make a real impact on their lives - and your own. Our partners welcome families with children 8 years of age and older. I have attached further information about the work project, accommodations and free time activities. You'll find even more information, video and blogs from previous team members on our Ecuador webpage at :

We just need one more volunteer to make this program a "go", so come lend your heart and your hands to this inspiring community - you'll be an important resource regardless of your background and skill level. In the words of the Mothers' Cooperative of Calderon "We send our never-ending gratitude to the many generous volunteers and the Global Volunteers directors and coordinators who work every day to make sure the children's needs are met. It's like a miracle."

Be a part of the miracle in April, or if that time frame doesn't work, we have teams starting on June 11th, July 23rd, or October 15th. Be the difference in 2011!!